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Preparing for your Interview


A crucial step in many immigration processes, including applications for green cards and naturalization, is the USCIS interview. This interview is conducted by a USCIS officer to verify the information provided in your application and assess your eligibility. Preparing for this interview thoroughly and having your attorney present can significantly improve your chances of a successful outcome.


Why Preparation is Important

Preparation is key to a successful USCIS interview because:

Accuracy and Consistency: Ensures that all the information provided during the interview is accurate and consistent with your application and supporting documents.

Confidence: Helps reduce anxiety and build confidence, knowing what to expect and how to respond to questions.

Awareness of Potential Issues: Identifies any areas of concern that may arise during the interview, allowing you to address them proactively.

Steps for USCIS Interview Preparation

1. Review Your Application: Carefully review all the forms and documents you submitted to USCIS. Make sure you are familiar with the information, as you will be asked questions based on these details.

2. Organize Documents: Gather all original documents and copies that were submitted with your application. This includes passports, birth certificates, marriage certificates, employment records, financial documents, and any other supporting evidence.

3. Practice Common Questions: Prepare for the types of questions that may be asked during the interview. Common questions include details about your relationship (for marriage-based green cards), your employment history, and your background.

4. Mock Interviews: Conduct mock interviews with your attorney or a trusted friend to simulate the interview environment. This can help you become more comfortable and articulate your answers clearly.

5. Address Red Flags: Identify any potential red flags in your application, such as discrepancies or gaps in information, and work with your attorney to prepare explanations.

6. Prepare for Specifics: For marriage-based interviews, be ready to discuss personal details about your relationship, daily routines, and future plans. For naturalization interviews, review U.S. civics questions and English language skills if applicable.

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Additional Interview Preparation Services

Attendance with Attorney

Having an attorney present during your USCIS interview can provide several advantages:

Legal Representation: Your attorney can act as your legal representative, ensuring that your rights are protected throughout the interview process.
Clarification and Support: If any questions are unclear or if there are misunderstandings, your attorney can help clarify and provide support.
Addressing Complex Issues: If there are complex legal issues or discrepancies in your case, your attorney can help address these directly with the USCIS officer.
Peace of Mind: Knowing that you have professional support can reduce stress and help you focus on providing accurate and honest answers.

Why Us?

At Green Family Immigration Law, we offer comprehensive USCIS interview preparation and attendance services. Our experienced attorneys will:

Thoroughly Review Your Case: We review your application and supporting documents in detail to ensure everything is in order.
Conduct Mock Interviews: We conduct practice interviews to help you become familiar with the process and improve your confidence.
Provide Personalized Guidance: We offer personalized advice and strategies based on your unique case.
Attend the Interview with You: We accompany you to the USCIS interview, providing legal representation and support throughout the process.

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With outstanding five-star Google reviews and the trust of over 1,000 immigrants, our clients' experiences speak for themselves.

Esther is a talented and experienced attorney, whose dedication to her clients is unparalleled! She was always on time, organized, and efficient at shepherding us through the paperwork and preparing for the interview.  In our USCIS interview itself, my wife and I were a bit nervous, but Esther literally had our USCIS agent chatting like they were old friends within minutes, and things could not have gone more smoothly!
John K.
Green Family Client
Hands down the best immigration attorney in Houston! Esther truly cares about her clients and wants the best for them. Don’t hesitate to contact her — I will be referring more friends and family!
Mircea Bucio
Green Family Client
I highly recommend Green Family Immigration Law's services. Esther is very trustworthy, professional, very knowledgeable and truly represents best interests of her clients. She is super attentive and dedicated and will treat your case/problem as her own. She is always available via email or phone, answers all the questions in details. I am very glad I chose her as my lawyer and highly recommend to use her services if you need help in your immigration process.
Erika Castro
Green Family Client

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